If you build and sell software, then keep reading

Empower your customers and be rewarded for it.
There's a good chance that your software provides a way to both import and export data using a spreadsheet.

When your customers organize their data for import and begin to use your software, we'll help them to format it appropriately and clean up the data, to make it ready for import.

You may offer your customers a way to backup and export their data to a spreadsheet. Since working with Excel isn't their full-time job, they'll sometimes struggle to get what they want out the data. We can help them to create new charts and data visualizations to add even more value to the data you provide them - all while keeping data integrity and accuracy in check.

As an Excel Rescue Affiliate Partner, you give your customers a better option and enjoy the rewards for doing so.

We use a trusted 3rd party to track and payout affiliate commissions called ShareASale.