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There are times when businesses benefit from hiring outside experts to support their team. Excel Rescue can cut straight to the chase, delivering quality, done-for-you solutions, with quick turnaround times.

Alan Murray Founder of

Imagine no more Excel Headaches

Microsoft Excel tasks done-for-you.


Alan is a well known and respected Excel trainer, based in Ipswich, England. He has been an Excel trainer for 20+ years and in that time has also built a collection of Excel-based courses which he offers through his website

Alan's primary aim is to equip and train businesses on how to get the most out of Excel. Along the way, he's come across many people using Excel in many different ways.

Alan is routinely asked for help in the design and implementation of solutions in Excel. For this, he's partnered with Excel Rescue.

Excel Rescue is a done-for-you, small tasks service for Microsoft Excel. Excel Rescue specializes in tasks that take a day or less to implement, with a focus on quality and a quick turn around time.

What you need to know in one sheet

Boost your productivity and impress your workmates at the same time with our free Excel Shortcuts Cheatsheet for Power Users.