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Graph, Chart, or Data Visualization

Graph, Chart, or Data Visualization

Add meaning to your raw data. A picture is worth a thousand words.

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Dashboard, Scorecard or Executive Summary

Dashboard, Scorecard or Executive Summary

Collect and display all your most important information in one place.

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Deduplicate Records

Duplicate Records Check (Deduplicate)

Check for both exact and partial matches of duplicate words and phrases.

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Recover a Corrupt File

Recover a Corrupt File

Stuck with a file that won't open or throws errors? We can fix that for you in a jiffy.

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Write a Function or Formula

Write a Function or Formula

Let us help you flex your math muscles.

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Correctness Audit

Audit for Mistakes

Recent studies report as many as 88% of spreadsheets contain errors and that 1 in 5 large businesses have lost money because of it. Let us audit your spreadsheet to find any errors.

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Reformat or Reorganize

Reformat or Reorganize

Often spreadsheet data is required to be in a specific format. We'll take your existing spreadsheet and reformat it as necessary.

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Write a Simple Macro

Write a Simple Macro

We'll dive into Excel to write you a VBA macro.

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Something else

Something Else?


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Customer Reviews

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  • Customer Review from Brice

    This looks great thank you! I've sent this task off to a couple of people in the past and this is the best dashboard that's come back :)

  • Customer Review from Jay

    Shane and his team were great to work with... The data and requirements were captured well. Errors and revisions were handled quickly and easily. We hope to work with them again in the future!

  • Customer Review from Stuart

    Amazing customer service, same day turn around. Delivered the perfect solution within hours on a problem that I'd been struggling with for weeks. Will 100% use the service again.


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