I regularly receive requests to make customizations to our spreadsheets. I'm pleased to recommend Excel Rescue for those services.

Jon Wittwer Ph. D., Founder of Vertex42

Excel Template Customizations

Microsoft Excel tasks done-for-you.


Vertex42 is a leading provider of professionally designed spreadsheet templates for Excel, OpenOffice, and Google Docs. They offer a collection of more than 300 spreadsheet templates to help people manage their time, finances, education and careers.

As a Vertex42 approved consultancy, the team at Excel Rescue works with Jon and his team at Vertex42 to deliver customizations and add-ons to their library of spreadsheet templates.

Some examples of the kinds of customizations that can be developed

  • Data import and processing from legacy systems
  • Create custom templates for your business and its unique needs
  • Forms and menus development for easy data entry and navigation
  • Custom functions and formulas
  • Database integration using ODBC and SQL
  • Bulk tasks automation

What we can't do

The scope of tasks that can be completed is broad; however, not unlimited.

Excel Rescue will not violate the terms of use of any template copyright or attribution for Vertex42. Vertex42 templates will not be converted to a product that can be on-sold or shared without respect to copyright and attribution.
Excel Rescue is a done-for-you small tasks service for Microsoft Excel.

What you need to know in one sheet

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