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We receive many customization requests to our products, so we're excited to have found Excel Rescue who we recommend to provide that to our customers.

Onur Yilmaz Founder of Someka Excel Solutions

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With a background in engineering, business analysis, sales and technology Onur brought a wide range of expertise to the table when he founded in 2015. Since then, Someka has grown to provide a wide range of Excel templates for business and won a handful of awards along the way, including Microsoft's Excel Turkey Championship and Excel Expert status with Spreadsheeto.

Along with co-founder Duygu, their library of Excel templates continues to grow.

Inevitably, with that growth has come customer requests for customizations to those templates. To support his customers and build out those customizations, Someka have partnered with Excel Rescue.

Customizing existing Excel templates fits in well to the wide range of small task services performed by Excel Rescue.

What you need to know in one sheet

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