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   by Matt on Sep 1 2020

Great work

My experience with Excel Rescue was excellent. It was a quick service to a problem that turned out to be outside of excel and vba but was still able to be resolved.

   by APST Street on Aug 20 2020

Happy customer

Response time is outstanding. Coordinations to understand the requirement is excellent and the end result is marvelous. I’m really satisfied and definitely I will deal with excel rescue again and refer to my friends and colleagues as well.

   by Consumer on Jul 29 2020

This was the fourth opportunity I...

This was the fourth opportunity I worked with the Excel Rescue Team and I have found them to be helpful, dependable, and very responsive to my needs. I will not hesitate to use them again if the need arises.

   by SM R on Jul 25 2020

Family Meal Planner

I had an excellent experience with Jorge from Excel Rescue. I had been using a free google sheets meal planning template and wanted to build functionality into it to have the workbook make my grocery list when I used the drop down menu to build my meal plan. Jorge was able to build the worksheet to do exactly what I needed it to do--I have been using it for the past 2 months and it has saved me hours of time and will soon pay for itself in grocery savings and money saved on not eating out. I have shared it with several friends and family members, it is genius and user friendly. Thank you!!

   by Dylan on Jul 16 2020

Quality and fast performance from this...

Quality and fast performance from this team. I got passed onto excel rescue by a company who could not complete my task and had the pleasure working with Jorge. Will be hiring this company for future tasks.

   by Alexis G. on Jun 18 2020

A truly impressive experience

A truly impressive experience! Excel Rescue took the data that I provided and applied the logic I needed to create a dynamic spreadsheet which performed the functions I needed seamlessly. There is no way I could have done the project without them. I could not be happier and will definitely use them again in the future.

   by Chris on Jun 18 2020

Nikhil and the team at Excel Rescue...

Nikhil and the team at Excel Rescue team did some great work to help us- a small US based startup. Our accounting team didn't have teh tool kit necessary for us to track deal flows and properly visualize different revenue streams properly. Nikhil patiently worked with us to deliver a perfect template for us to use , all at a good value!

   by Gilberto Salinas on Jun 12 2020

Excellent service

Mark was excellent and was the immediate assistance I was looking for. Upon receiving files he quickly reviewed an extensive Gannt chart I had been working on and rapidly provided solutions and a quote. I received the corrected version the same day. Was very pleased with the service I received. Will more than likely use this service again.

   by Craig Bobbin on Jun 11 2020

Amazing job

Amazing job. Jorge went above and beyond to get it right and it's a fantastic effort! Well worth the money. Will be happy to use again and also recommend to friends.

   by Cole H. on Jun 9 2020

Fast Reply, Delivered Results

Fast reply to every email and they start work right away. I had an invoice proposal made in one hour. It came just how I wanted it in the first attempt.

   by angieharrison on Jun 4 2020

Excellent work!

Fast, perfect functionality, AND affordable. I needed some customization of a template Google Sheet Gantt chart. I'm so grateful I didn't need to struggle with coding and formatting all day. Will definitely use again.

   by EMC on Jun 3 2020


Professional. Asked questions. Really understood the problem and then instantly provided a solution!

   by Tim on May 27 2020

Outstanding Service & Excellent Work!

My experience with Mark was exceptional. He suggested making an overly complicated formula easy to understand and work the way it was meant to, so it could not have gone better! He worked to have it completed very timely and provided exactly what I needed. This is my 'go to', and have certainly recommended friends, colleagues, and even family! Another great experience with Excel Rescue, and have already submitted my next project! -Thank you!

   by Peter Thomas on Apr 27 2020

A very efficient and rapid resolution of my problem

My project was completed efficiently and my queries were resolved in a friendly, professional manner. Superb service, I will definitely be using Excel Rescue again.

   by Sarah on Mar 26 2020

Highly professional service

Highly professional service - excellent results, highly recommended

   by Dave W on Mar 11 2020

A+ work, I'll keep coming back!

A+ work. I've relied on the team with Excel Rescue a few times to help with excel issues I couldn't figure out on my own. They are always responsive, eager to help, and the pricing is really affordable given the level of one-on-one attention. Especially for my smaller business (we don't have IT/excel gurus) this is a huge plus. I will keep coming back to them with more projects!

   by Joel Hogg on Mar 3 2020

Truly Excel Experts with Spreadsheet Automation

My first experience with Excel Rescue. My contact Diogo took the necessary time initially to understand my needs. This involved a very complex method to back test several million historical entries in hundreds of spreadsheets to ensure unique serial number generation. The solution has worked flawlessly and was completed in (my opinion) an extraordinary amount of time. The scope of the project was submitted for my review before programming begin to be sure his understanding of the needs. I can't over emphasize my satisfaction with the solution. I highly recommend using Excel Rescue for complex solutions.

   by Thomas on Mar 2 2020

Unbelievable service

Unbelievable service: I received my quote for a small job within the hour. The followed up with a few questions to clarify the scope of work, the job was completed within 2.5 hours - incredible!

   by Dianne Duron on Feb 13 2020

Excellent Work

This is exactly what I needed to get my project done! Diogo was attentive to my needs and made the process very easy. With the help of Excel Rescue time and efforts were maximized for optimum efficiency!

   by Colin Coady on Jan 24 2020


I explained what I wanted. They verified the steps and suggested improvements. Price was quoted and paid. Product delivered before time frame. Tested & worked perfectly first time. Eeezee-Peezee.

   by Allen Dennis on Jan 6 2020

Outstanding Service and with a Smile!

I worked with Michelle on my excel project and i cannot express how much help she was on my project. The amount of patience she showed with me was incredible. Several little hiccups came up in the process (all were things I threw at her during the process) and she was so polite through the whole thing. Not only did she accomplish exactly what I needed she did it quickly and kept me involved during the entire process. I cannot recommend Michelle enough and if I could give more stars I would. I will certainly use Excel Rescue for any needs I have in the future.

   by ZeeD on Dec 29 2019

Super fast

Super fast, efficient and accurate. Very satisfied!

   by Bordner Colorado on Dec 16 2019

Very fast and professional

Nikhil was very fast and professional in identifying the scope and formula changes needed for my Gantt Chart marketing plan. His quick responses to my comments and questions was very impressive.

   by Tom on Dec 5 2019

Michelle was great to work with. Very satisfied.

Quick and efficient work. Just what I needed.

   by VINCENT on Nov 13 2019

in France very good job

in France very good job

   by Brandon Holdridge on Oct 1 2019

Great Experience

My experience working with h Paul from Excel Rescue was great. He worked well with my coworkers and myself as we changed our original concept to the final spreadsheet. I highly recommend them.

   by Chris Martin on Sep 20 2019

Hard job made easy

Pauls solution to my problem was a total success. Because the task may have been a little different, it required a different approach. Communication was clear, understandable, and most importantly, successful. Thanks Paul

   by Kerberos on Sep 14 2019

The experience with Excel Rescue was…Like Magic

The experience with Excel Rescue was superb from start to finish. They created a product based on my specifications that not only met but exceeded expectations, and they did so with a very modest price budget. It is like magic to see what they can do and what they can create in Excel. The attention to detail is tremendous, and the customer service is peerless.

   by Anthony Turner on Sep 11 2019

Life raft

What a pleasant surprise to find a company that actually gets it right, No sales pressure or hype , straight down to business: What does the customer need! How much will it cost:! Get started straight away! Bang ! completed within hours, with the rather delicate touch of not activating the invoice until after the project is satisfactorily completed. Every customers dream Well done, keep going! Anthony Turner IMS Ancad.

   by C Elmore on Sep 7 2019

Thank you Excel Rescue

I am so pleased to have happened upon Excel Rescue online! Paul worked on my project. He communicated often and had my project completed so fast. It was a pleasure to work with this company and I will be returning for help again. Many thanks to Paul and the Excel Rescue Team.

   by Tony Boyd on Aug 27 2019

Par Exellence

Paul and the excel rescue team are top drawer in customer service and customer satisfaction. Nothing vague or ambiguous about pricing. They build to suit. Thanks.

   by Hani Matar on Aug 5, 2019

Diogo .. Excel Guru !

Diogo provided astonishing quality of service developing very technical excel tools and dashboards. Thank you very much for such great experience. I can strongly recommend Excel Rescue, and specifically Diogo for any Excel job ! Great work all ! Hani

   by POH KOH on Jul 18, 2019

Brian is real professional!

Brian is very good. My request was last minute and needed to get the answer on Sunday! He went extra miles to help me. Brian is very professional and patience. He listened and clarified my requests. In addition, after he provided the solution, he explained it in details.

   by Mariana from PerioWest on Jul 17, 2019

Great quick and effective service

Great quick and effective service! Paul knew which questions to ask and delivered exactly what I was looking for. He is a pro at excel and knows his stuff!

   by Kjell M on Jul 14, 2019

My friend recommended to contact ER...

My friend recommended to contact ER when I had a problem with calculating the outcome of different probabilities. My math and E skills did not match the task I got in front of me. With ER I got extremely professional help at a price that well matched my company ability to pay. Problem solved within 6 days!! Thanks Mark!!

   by Liz R. on Jul 3, 2019

Very, very happy with the work Excel Rescue did for me!!

I wasn't sure at first about finding a company on the internet to streamline my excel spreadsheets but I am very glad I used Excel Rescue! I told them what I needed (I wanted to avoid entering info twice) they asked questions and within a couple of days I received a working sample. They quoted ahead of time about how long the job would be, quoted a very reasonable price and worked with me to ensure that the final product met my needs. I am so happy, as I am already using my streamlined spreadsheet and it is saving me hours of work!! I would recommend Excel Rescue to ANYBODY needing help streamlining their excel spreadsheet! Thank you, Michelle!

   by cosmel villalobos on Jun 11, 2019

I was in need of assistance to finish...

I was in need of assistance to finish up my project I was literally stuck , contacted Excel Rescue and was able to finish it , no problems at all, and fully confident that I was going to get what I was asking for. I have used their services multiple times now and happy with the outcome.

   by John Reynolds on May 10, 2019

I have used Excel Rescue in the past...

I have used Excel Rescue in the past and I was very impressed with their expertise and timeliness in getting the work done. The same has happened again with Nikhil. He understood my complex project and got the job done quickly. Only a couple of minor fixups to do and it was done no questions. Well done I'm very impressed. I will be using Excel Rescue again soon.

   by Jennifer Cowel on Apr 27, 2019

Wonderful group. Fast, accurate, adaptable. I wish I found them sooner!

I interviewed three excel groups and selected Excel Rescue because of their understanding of our business needs and an understanding of the way our current solution functioned. I am thrilled to have worked with them. They were fast, accurate and available for tweaks and enhancements. They have a "can do" attitude and the solution they created for our small business is a huge improvement. Their solution will save us countless hours. I wish I found them sooner. I worked with both Shane and Paul on our solution.

   by Carolnyc on Apr 26, 2019

Expert, efficient, painless help

Most highly recommend. My years' standing and intractable Excel problem was solved in about a half hour. In fact, it was solved even before I made payment. The developer who helped me, Paul Ventresca, was careful, analytical, knowledgeable, and fun to work with. The price structure is clear and fair, and the ticket remains open for 14 days, for no extra charge, in case you need further assistance.

   by Stefan L on Apr 18, 2019

very good communication and excellent...

very good communication and excellent customer service - thank you very much!

   by Raul Castellanos on Apr 15, 2019

Excellent team for macro needs

I worked with Nikhil and he understood all my concerns and addressed them correctly. He is excellent in customer service and I will continue to use Excel Rescue in the future for my macro needs.

   by Timothy Nickels on Apr 4, 2019

Stop looking for a solution and read

I struggled and “tinkered “ with an Excel file for the better part of three months. Came across Excel Rescue in a Microsoft blog and was skeptical. Not anymore! This Company runs on jet fuel. I submitted the file and Michelle not only fixed my problems, SHE tweaked (with approval) it so that it was more streamed line. If you’re reading my feedback and decide not to use this Company, then you’re not looking for a solution.
Timothy L. Nickels
Owner / CFO

   by Daniel Eddinger on Mar 5, 2019

Gets Me Out of Trouble Every Time!

Awesome to work with! Very quick response and very detailed in their approach to solving Excel problems. Have used them multiple times and always been extremely pleased!

   by germanmofia93 on Mar 3, 2019

Absolutely worth the money

Absolutely worth the money. Michelle quickly developed a complete macro solution for me in less than a week compared to the many weeks it would have taken me it figure out. When you submit a task to them you get to talk with the actual developer that will be building your solution and they make sure they understand your needs before starting. Worth the money and will definitely use again if I need to.

   by James Jones on Feb 28, 2019

Great service - highly recommended!

Great service, fair pricing, quick turnaround, highly recommended!

   by Rachel Nelson Kreger on Feb 27, 2019

Michelle Gage with Excel Rescue was...

Michelle Gage with Excel Rescue was AWESOME to work with! We have been using them for several worksheets and have always been happy with the results

   by Emily Faun Cory on Feb 19, 2019

Thanks Excel Rescue!

I know Excel, but found myself over my head trying to modify a complicated payroll template. After fighting it for a month, I found Excel Rescue, and am I thankful! We now have a fully functional payroll that will work for our unique business needs.

   by Michael Barker on Feb 14, 2019

Yes, we can do that...

Nikhil has created a software and automation that interfaces with my clients software and demands. We were lucky to find this amazing resource for our company. I have been in business twenty-seven (27) years and in hindsight, not sure how we made it without Excel Rescue as a part of our team!!!
Whatever clever idea we come up with, Nikhil always has a solution to make it happen. I cannot tell you how many times he has said, "Yes, we can do that..."
Thanks Nikhil and Excel Rescue, you saved our company and brought it to the next level!!!

   by Larry Barker on Feb 13, 2019

Top Notch Programming

At reboot IT quick, we use Excel Rescue for all our VBA projects, we highly recommend Excel Rescue. They have excellent service and we really enjoy working with their world wide team.
Larry Barker

   by Karen L on Feb 4, 2019

Would definitely recommend!

Mark was very helpful throughout and was really impressed at the speed of getting the project done.
Would recommend without a doubt.

   by Dawson Allen on Jan 30, 2019

Two Thumbs Up!

Two Thumbs Up! ExcelRescue was able to simplify a complex task and save me countless hours. The turn-around time was amazing, the work was finished almost immediately. Happy that I found this company!

   by Tony Walker on Jan 24, 2019

Capital Project Model

The service is very professional. They seem to really care about solving your issue to your satisfaction. I would highly recommend it.

   by Lynore Abbott on Jan 17, 2019

Leverage Excel

Excel Rescue is great. Fast, efficient, organized, and friendly. I've now executed several projects including: 1) API Tokens to pull data from an online app. 2) Macros to automate data extraction and transformation. 3) Power Queries to scrape and transform data from an online app. Everything is well organized. A clear and concise scope of agreement is put in place. Super clear directions are returned with the completed work. Any questions in the deployment of the solution are quickly answered.

   by Richard Ziliotto on Jan 16, 2019

first-rate work met all expectations

first-rate work met all expectations

   by Steve Weaver on Jan 16, 2019

I have been struggling with an existing...

I have been struggling with an existing Excel macro for months, trying to add an additional step that would add a current month variance to a cumulation YTD value. Explained my issue to Michelle and within a day we agreed on the scope of work and price. By the end of the day, my issue was solved. Many thanks Michelle!!!

   by Eduardo Callegari on Jan 7, 2019

Awesome understanding of Requirements and great Execution!

Awesome display of understanding of requirements and execution, I am extremely happy with the work that Dar Dualba did for us. Kind Regards, Eduardo Callegari

   by Michael Hudson on Jan 2, 2019

Excel Rescue is Amazing

Excel Rescue has been an asset to our company. I have been working with Nikhil and am extremely impressed with the communication, professionalism, pricing and turn-around time. They do a great job.

   by BJS on Dec 30, 2018

I stumbled upon Excel Rescue via a...

I stumbled upon Excel Rescue via a Google search and was therefore a little skeptical. I had been struggling with a spreadsheet for a couple of days and didn't know where to turn. I felt comfortable with their process of understanding the scope of work and giving a fixed price up front so decided to go for it. I was surprised with how responsive my representative (Dar) was and that time was taken to clarify the scope before confirming the price. Within about a day I had my solution and was able to proceed. I will never again waste the amount of time that I did on this project and will instead turn to this service the next time I am stuck. A tremendous value me. Thanks Dar!

   by Mark on Dec 22, 2018

Bubble charts on a structured tree

I wanted to create with excel a bubble chart on a structured tree, something I had done a long time ago with a colleague. It took more time than I envisaged but that was down to me. The end result is something I can use over and over again proportional bubbles on a structured tree. Excel Rescue helped me stretch excel to make the charts I wanted, they absolutely delivered.

   by Keith Banks on Dec 14, 2018

Name change per sheet

So far quite satisfied. Needed to change the name at the top of a single page print out for each name listed on another worksheet. Excel Rescue created a macro that copied my single sheet to another sheet once for each time the name changed and then launched the print window and all I had to do was click the print button. All works great. I am very satisfied.

   by Gabriel Robet on Nov 16, 2018

Great job, really fast and spot on !

Great communication to be clear on what needed to be done, and job solved on the next day exactly to my specifications. (I needed a VBA function that receives several ranges as input and that results in an array that can be called within other formulas.) I will not hesitate to use their services again and heartily recommend!

   by Timothy on Nov 12, 2018

Great to work with

Great to work with, excellent communication and really fast!

I am so very very thankful to have found you guys! Trying to weed through message boards and tutorials was frustrating. You guys have been extremely professional and great to work with - and I now have an elegant solution to a problem I've been working on for months!

Nicole Tillett, Manager, Portland Timbers

I have chased myself in circles for days looking for solutions to VBA coding errors and thanks to Excel Rescue they have been fixed in no time flat. I have learnt a lot.

Kim Flatman, Client Manager, Letizia Palmer Chartered Accountants

The team at Excel Rescue have completed two tasks for me and both turned out awesome, combined they will save hundreds of man hours of tedious data entry. I contacted more than a dozen developers before choosing Excel Rescue, most either didn't reply or cost twice as much and would take twice as long. Excel Rescue's process is simple, communication is top notch, price is great and the results speak for themselves. GREAT JOB!

Joe Arnett, Owner, Giddyup Genie

Amazing customer service, same day turn around. Delivered the perfect solution within hours on a problem that I'd been struggling with for weeks. Will 100% use the service again.

Stuart Mather, SGM Consultants

Shane and his team were great to work with... The data and requirements were captured well. Errors and revisions were handled quickly and easily. We hope to work with them again in the future!

Jay Connelly, CTO & Co-Founder, 10x Travel

This looks great thank you! I've sent this task off to a couple of people in the past and this is the best dashboard that's come back :)

Brice Gump, Head of Online Growth, Major Impact Media

I integrated the information that you gave me into one of our reports and it works great!!! You made me look good to my boss and I told them about the Excel Rescue service. I cannot thank you enough!

Sylvia Kapp, CPA, Executive Information Systems

My first project and experience with Excel Rescue went better than I could have hoped. I do independent consulting across multiple distribution platforms and occasionally run into something that I need help with... The versatility designed in for future modifications was exactly as I had asked for. I'm already looking at other projects that they can assist me with!

Dave Ingle, Independent Consultant

I needed help with constructing formulas for a income statement report I was creating and struggled for days on how best to gather this information together. I decided to contact Excel Rescue when I was at the end of my tether and didn't know how to proceed when the deadline for submitting my report was in 3 days... I would recommend using these guys for any excel related projects you are working on and will definitely be using these guys again in the future should I need help with excel. So glad I found them.

Maria Ezeli

I will certainly promote the services of Excel Rescue which is of a high standard and with a short turnaround time. The data reorganisation and subsequent displaying it in graphs saved me a lot of frustration as I knew it could be done ,but was not able to do it myself because of inexperience.

Dirk Volschenk, CEO, Panorama Farms

Partner Reviews

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Working with Excel Rescue has meant we can leverage a rich skill-set in Excel for our customers. This will be a game-changer for us.

Adriana Baranek, CEO, Miadria Group

If you're stuck and need a hand with Excel - you've come to the right place. The team at Excel Rescue will look after you.

Ken Puls, President of, Excel trainer, Top 20 Under 40 award winner (2012), Microsoft MVP since 2006, FCMA and Tech Enthusiast

I love helping people with Excel questions, but unfortunately, I have failed to respond to everyone as there is just not enough time. Therefore, to make sure you can get the answers you need quickly, I have partnered with the great people at Excel Rescue. The team at Excel Rescue are always a great help to my readers and they do excellent work. Also, they will get back to you with your answers much more quickly than I ever could.

Steve Trujillo, Excel Dashboard Templates

While I would love to help all my readers with their questions, there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Thankfully, Excel Rescue are able to provide that support and are a great help to me and my readers.

Mark Proctor, Chief Excel Officer, Excel Off The Grid

While I am a huge advocate of taking steps to improve your own skills, over the years I have also learned the value of my time. In some cases, I don't have the time to stumble through building it myself and it's actually more beneficial to pay an expert to get the job completed properly. I am excited about the team Excel Rescue has put together to specialize in helping others complete their projects in Microsoft Excel coupled with a reasonable, flat-rate price point for their services!

Chris Newman, Founder, The Spreadsheet Guru

I'm please to recommend ExcelRescue as the go-to source for Excel development and consulting work.

Kawser Ahmed, ExcelDemy

If you’re in a situation where you are stuck and need a hand, or you’re looking for someone to help design and build a spreadsheet from the ground up – Excel Rescue is the resource you can turn to and trust to get the job done well and on time.

John Franco, Excel Guru Blueprints

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