Free Stripe analytics dashboard template.

Stripe dashboard template was just updated

Just a quick note to mention that we've released the latest version of our dashboard for Stri...

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Excel Rescue announces partnership with Vertex42 as an approved consultant

Vertex42 and Excel Rescue are Working Together

Vertex42 is a leading provider of professionally designed spreadsheet templ...

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Mr Excel works with Excel Rescue

MrExcel works with ExcelRescue on Small Excel Projects

We're pleased to share that MrExcel has teamed up with ExcelRescue. For any small Microsoft Excel tasks you need done for you, check ...

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Where can I get help with Microsoft Excel?

It's easy to get stuck or run up against a problem with your Excel spreadsheet. What makes MS Excel great - the many features and r...

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Download a free Excel analytics dashboard for Stripe payments data

Analyze your Stripe payments data with this free excel template

For our own internal reporting (and maybe to show off a little), we built an interactive Excel spreadsheet that charts your your mo...

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Review and mention by Roger Hollings at Killer Startups

Excel Rescue Reviewed on Killer Startups

No Need to Suffer Through Agonizing Excel Work. Get Help From Excel Rescue" - Review and mention by Roger Hollings at Killer Startups

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What you need to know in one sheet

Boost your productivity and impress your workmates at the same time with our free Excel Shortcuts Cheatsheet for Power Users.