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While I am a huge advocate of taking steps to improve your own skills, over the years I have also learned the value of my time. In some cases, I don't have the time to stumble through building it myself and it's actually more beneficial to pay an expert to get the job completed properly. I am excited about the team Excel Rescue has put together to specialize in helping others complete their projects in Microsoft Excel coupled with a reasonable, flat-rate price point for their services!

Chris Newman Founder, The Spreadsheet Guru

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Chris Newman realized early on in his financial analyst career that there is a huge need for advanced Excel users in the marketplace. He decided to learn everything he could about the product and its intricacies.

He soon became his company's leading office Expert and even earned the nickname Chris "Macro" due to his ability to automate tasks with VBA.

Now Chris is on a mission to pass on the knowledge he's gained: he wants to help his readers become the resident "Spreadsheet gurus" in their own offices. His efforts to create highly valuable employees even led to him receiving the highly revered Microsoft MVP title.

While online resources like The Spreadsheet Guru are invaluable, sometimes you're stuck and you need personal help. That's why Chirs decided to endorse and partner with small-task service Excel Rescue.

If you're in a situation where you are stuck and need a hand, or you're looking for someone to help design and build a worksheet from the ground up – Excel Rescue is a resource you can turn to and trust to get the job done well and on time.

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