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It takes more than great coding skills to make an expert

Here's why we're better.

As of April 2024, we've reviewed 1152 applications from Excel Developers around the world and hired 24. Each applicant undergoes a rigorous screening process and only the best are offered a position. Here's how our vetting process works.

1Ability to Follow Instructions

Attention to detail is critical.

A developers ability to follow instructions is a strong early indicator of their proficiency as an analyst and developer. This is one of the first skills we assess for all candidates.

Roughly 50% of applicants pass this step.

2Language, Skill & Experience

The majority of our developers are based in North America.

We're looking for developers with not only experience and technical excellence, but also for proficiency in analysis, customer service and leadership.

In addition, every developer on the team speaks and writes in English fluently.

Roughly 23% of applicants pass this step.

3Team Member Suitability

We've built a strong team of top developers and we ensure it stays that way by thoroughly vetting every candidate.

Every candidate is asked to complete a series of sample (non customer) tasks, undergo an assessment, complete a personality profile and submit a minimum number of character references, which we always check.

Once complete, roughly 10% of applicants are invited to take part in a telephone interview.

4Onboarding and Professional Developement

Once hired, new team members go through an onboarding process and are supported through ongoing professional development.

New developers are paired with senior team members to ensure quality of work. A project manager is also assigned to oversee customer communications and processes are followed.

A culture of continuous improvement exists and developers are given ongoing funding for training and professional development.

2.08% of applicants have been invited to join the team.

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