If you're stuck and need a hand with Excel - you've come to the right place. The team at Excel Rescue will look after you.

Ken Puls President of Excelguru.ca, Excel trainer, Top 20 Under 40 award winner (2012), Microsoft MVP since 2006, FCMA and Tech Enthusiast

Imagine no more Excel Headaches

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Since his start in 1999, Ken has grown to be a well known and trusted voice in the Excel community. Ken's experience ranges from consulting, to online and offline author and trainer.

As the demands on his time have grown, so has the size of his team and his increased focus on the website and on-site training services. This gives him the ability to leverage his time and reach many people.

In order to continue to support his audience for small tasks consulting work, Ken has partnered with Excel Rescue - a small tasks, done-for-you service, for Microsoft Excel.

With simple pricing and a quick turn-around, Excel Rescue has become a trusted resource in Microsoft Excel Consulting.

What you need to know in one sheet

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