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I love helping people with Excel questions, but unfortunately, I have failed to respond to everyone as there is just not enough time. Therefore, to make sure you can get the answers you need quickly, I have partnered with the great people at Excel Rescue. The team at Excel Rescue are always a great help to my readers and they do excellent work. Also, they will get back to you with your answers much more quickly than I ever could.

Steve Trujillo ( Steve=True ) Excel Dashboard Templates

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Stephen Trujillo, also known as (Steve=True) to his audience, hails from Denver, Colorado. More recently, he's picked up and moved himself and family south to Cabo San Lucas to enjoy year-round golf and fun in the sun!

At Excel Dashboard Templates, Stephen shares his 20+ years of experience in Microsoft Excel. He's dedicated himself to supporting the Excel community through tutorials on his website. Additionally, he's built up a loyal following on Youtube at /exceldashboards.

When it comes to offering personal one-on-one help with Excel to his followers, Stephen has chosen to partner with Excel Rescue - a done-for-you small tasks service for Excel.

This partnership has meant he can focus on building a wealth of educational resources for his audience and make sure that when they need it, the one-on-one support is there for them as well.

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