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Senior Excel Developer

We're a small, and quickly growing team with customers spread across the globe.

We're looking for someone who can commit full time and we'll compensate you with a monthly salary. For the first month we're happy to work around your existing schedule. It will also give us both a chance to decide if we're a good match.

  • Everyone on our team works remotely.
  • You'll be required to be highly available during the day, during agreed hours.
  • None of us work on the weekends.
  • You'll be living and breathing Excel development - creating new spreadsheets as well as maintaining and updating existing ones. Your ability to problem solve and create solutions in Excel is very important. We're looking for someone with at least a few years experience to make sure you can hit the ground running from day one.
  • You must know your way around old and new versions of Excel, creating data visualizations, and VBA/Macros.
  • Ideally, you'll have an eye for design in Excel, some experience in statistical analysis and you might even be an Excel MVP.
  • Excellent written and business level spoken English is required.
  • Timeline: starting within the new few weeks.
  • 30-day trial: we'll start with a 30 day trial to see how it goes. If we both like the experience, we'll carry on.
  • Hours & Pay: Full time (40hrs /week), Amount to be agreed.

Our application process starts with the short contact form on this page. Please include your name, email and link to some of your recent work and any discussion forums where you're active.

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