Search & Rescue Initiative


You can make a big difference

Help us find publicly available spreadsheets that contain errors and fix them. Every month publish the result with the greatest impact.
Contest Status: [CLOSED]
Deadline for entries was July 31, 2019.

Contest Judges
Onur Yilmaz of Someka Excel Solutions
Kellie Dundon of Excel Rescue
Shane Redlick of Excel Rescue

Can better spreadsheets make the world a better place? We think so. It's been reported that as many as 88% of all spreadsheets contain errors. The consequences are severe and we need your help to change that.

Spreadsheets are commonly published online by public and private companies, individuals and governments to be viewed by the public. And, just like all spreadsheets - they often contain errors. Just how bad is the problem? Check out these articles on and


  • $1000 USD sent to your paypal account.
  • Get interviewed by us and featured on our Facebook page and our new Youtube channel.
  • Major positive Karma for making the world a better place!


Start by using Google to search for xls and xlsx file types to quickly narrow down your search. Make sure you tell Google not to omit results by clicking the link "repeat the search with the omitted results included", or include &filter=0 in the address bar of the search as a parameter.

These examples search for xls file times that were indexed between Jan 1, 2016 and Jan 1, 2020. filetype:xls daterange:2457388.5-2458849.5 filetype:xls daterange:2457388.5-2458849.5

Any publicly accessible spreadsheet, hosted by the author, is eligible.

Judging will be done based on the following 3 criteria:
  • Social Impact (Who and how many people effected)
  • Technical Gravity (how bad a mistake was it)
  • Monetary Impact
Once you've found the error and fixed it, submit your contest entry in the form below. Make sure to Like or Follow us on Facebook - which is where we'll announce and feature winning entries.

Contest Rules

  • The spreadsheet must be publicly accessible over the internet and hosted by the author. A link pointing to a copy of the spreadsheet on the owners website must be provided. No private spreadsheet solutions will be accepted.
  • The issue must not have been previously reported.
  • The spreadsheet should still be in use and created within the last few years.
  • You grant Excel Rescue the right to post, reproduce and discuss publicly any information you submit to us verbally or in writting.
  • The decision will be made by a panel of judges and be based on the fix most likely to have the biggest positive impact! A single winner will be selected monthly and awarded $1000 USD, sent to them via paypal.

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