Vertex42 and Excel Rescue are Working Together

Vertex42 is a leading provider of professionally designed spreadsheet templates for Excel, OpenOffice, and Google Docs. They offer a collection of more than 300 spreadsheet templates to help people manage their time, finances, education and careers.

We're pleased to announce a partnership between Vertex42 and Excel Rescue to support the customization and extensions to their library of spreadsheet templates.

Some examples of the kinds of customizations that can be developed

  • Data import and processing from legacy systems
  • Create custom templates for your business and its unique needs
  • Forms and menus development for easy data entry and navigation
  • Custom functions and formulas
  • Database integration using ODBC and SQL
  • Bulk tasks automation

What we can't do

The scope of tasks that can be completed is broad; however, not unlimited.

Excel Rescue will not violate the terms of use of any template copyright or attribution for Vertex42. Vertex42 templates will not be converted to a product that can be on-sold or shared without respect to copyright and attribution.

Excel Rescue is a done-for-you small tasks service for Microsoft Excel.

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