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Spreadsheet Template Creators

You’ve created amazing Excel templates that are getting thousands of downloads but you’re unable to keep up with all the customization requests you’re getting? Let us help!

The Downside of Excel Templates

Creating templates is a great way for Excel pros to make a name for themselves, provide value to their website visitors, and even build an online business. There is a downside though: your website visitors & customers expect that you’ll always be there for customization requests, troubleshooting, and general Excel advice.

You want to keep them happy but there are simply not enough hours in the day to help everyone with their unique Excel problems.

Even if you’re in the market to take on consulting clients: many small tasks will take more time to onboard (negotiate a rate, learn about the issue, etc.) than actually solve - thus resulting in few billable hours.

Let us help

That’s where Excel Rescue comes in. Our team consists exclusively of highly qualified Excel experts that know what they’re doing. We don’t outsource to the cheapest bidder and prefer to work with real professionals.

Our team will take on any small task (up to 1hr) with a 1-2 business days turn around. We also offer monthly packages for those that need ongoing support. Let us help lighten the load by taking on small change requests and minor customizations to your spreadsheet templates by your customers.

We offer a money back guarantee as well as security and non-disclosure agreements. You can relax knowing that anyone you send our way will be in good hands.

What’s in it for you

We believe in mutually beneficial relationships. That’s why template creators such as yourself receive a 20% commission on every client that uses your affiliate link to sign up for our service.

Your website visitors & customers will be happy to have their problem solved, you will receive a commission, and our team will be happy to take on new work. Win - win - win!

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