Excel Tasks

Small, medium and large done-for-you tasks service for Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets.

It's easy to get stuck or run up against a problem with your Excel spreadsheet. What makes MS Excel great - the many features and richness of the product, can also be its weakness. There can be a lot you need to know.

We're here to help.

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Application Development

When your only tool's a hammer, everything looks like a nail - as the saying goes.

Excel is often a starting point for business solutions that grow to become complex and unmanageable over time.

If you've hit that wall, we can use your spreadsheet as a starting-point to develop a fully-featured (often web-based) application. Mobile friendly, multi-user support, database back-end, and enhanced reporting are just a few of the ways that a fully-fledged custom software application can take your business solution to the next level.

Before Excel Rescue, we were building software applications for 15 years. Let us help.

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Search & Rescue Initiative

Can better spreadsheets make the world a better place? We think so. It's been reported that as many as 88% of all spreadsheets contain errors. The consequences are severe and we want to change that.

Together with our partners, we're teaming up with the Excel Developer Community to seek out publically available spreadsheets that contain major errors and fix them.

For maximum impact, we're producing this as a contest, where each month we'll choose one winner and award them $1000 USD. We'll also feature them and their solution on our blog and Youtube channel. The decision will be made by a panel of judges and be based on the fix most likely to have the biggest positive impact!

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