What's in the pipeline

Firstly, thank you for choosing to work with us. It's because of you (and others like you) that we've seen our customer base triple, and our partners and development team double - since the start of this year.

So, what's next for Excel Rescue?

  • We've re-introduced Google Sheets development to our capability list. While we'd continued to support existing clients, we had to remove it as an option for new work as our task load got pretty heavy for a while there. The expanded development team are now fully able to take whatever's thrown at them.

  • We've begun work on a new customer portal - where you'll have better access to tracking project status, invoices, payments and communications.

  • Finally, we've begun work on something big - really big. As a company we've spent some time thinking on the bigger WHY picture. The outcome of this process has uncovered a very clear vision that I'm looking forward to sharing with you in an upcoming email. Along with it - a plan to launch something that we think is a first for our industry that will have an impact on a lot of people.

Until next time,

Founder, Excel Rescue

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